5,000+ lives impacted



5,000+ lives impacted


IndiVillage is a social enterprise focused on providing education and economic opportunity to women and youth in rural India. We reinvest 100% of our profits back into the community with a focus on education and clean water initiatives. Through partnerships with local NGOs we are able to fund scholarships, support teachers, and invest in technology for the classroom to ensure the next generation is prepared for the 21st century. Our clean water project supplies water to 1,200 school children and 1,000 families (4,500 people) providing access to undeserved communities.



IndiVillage supports the schooling of 300 children from low-income families in our community. We believe that education is the most important tool for empowerment.

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70% of our rural BPO employees are women. By working at IndiVillage our employees are able to earn steady wages, raise their household income, and improve the lives of their families.



IndiVillage seeks to empower rural communities by providing individuals the tools and opportunities needed to take control of their lives: education and employment.

I stopped my education due to financial reasons. Now that I have the money to support my education myself I am completing my Bachelor of Commerce in a nearby town... I never thought in my life I would work at an IT services company. When I started working at IndiVillage it was like a dream.
— Nalini, 26, Quality Analyst
I was a housewife. This is my first job... I didn’t know the outside world... My first time using a computer, I didn’t know if I could do it. Now I feel comfortable and capable of learning new things. I give my best to IndiVillage.
— Suneetha, 34, Team Leader
IndiVillage is really important - my life has completely turned. I started a career and learned new things. I am able to support my family and make decisions about what is right and wrong. I have respect at home and outside.
— Sindhu, 21, Team Leader